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Water Festival

Anyone wishing to experience back in time to visit during the Water Festival ( http://piediluco.altervista.org ), from its origins are lost in the mists of time but , usually , it is recalled , just happened during the period of the Spoleto Festival. The conclusion , on Saturday , the parade of decorated boats and their impressive fireworks on the water sometimes linked to the domain of the ancient Duchy of Spoleto.

The area Piediluco and of Marmore is , especially on weekends, popular with athletes of all levels. The lake fishing eels is definitely an alternative to the thrilling rafting and hidrospeed that are practiced on the rapids downstream of Marmore . The rafting upstream instead consists of a mere stroll in boat or canoe on the waters of the Black River . And ‘ this a viable rafting by children . In any case, the well-equipped Marmore Rafting Center provides everything you need, from the introductory course to the helmet and the suit sanitized , at prices ranging from 25 to 45 Euro , insurance included.

Other options in the surrounding area : Mountain biking led by a certified instructor with the Centre for Arrochar your own bike or with a provided by the center itself. Even caving, let’s call it tourist , it is practicable safely in Marmore .