Marmore waterfalls

Hotel Del Lago Piediluco is 4 Km from the Upper Belvedere of the Marmore Waterfalls. We suggest a visit from this side in order to enjoy walking down along the beautiful walking trails, taking advantage of many view points, as far as the Lower Belvedere. To go back up shuttles, that link the bottom to the top, are available only on Sundays and Holidays. For the rest of the week, for those not willing to walk, the visit is possible from both sides by car with the same ticket. The entrance ticket is 9,00 € but can be bought for 5,00 at Hotel del Lago (reservation is possibly needed)
In any case our advice is to have comfortable shoes and raincoat on hand! Some points are very wet. The Tunnel of Love, not compulsory to visit, leads to the Balcony of Lovers and also to a garaunted shower! The Campacci, the Park of the waterfalls (Upper Belvedere) includes path N 5 where entrance is free. This area, perfect for jogging, sits on the plateau of the rock from where the Velino River plunges into the Nera River. An interesting abandoned stone tank is preserved in the park; it was opened in 2006, after 15 years of consolidation work on the rock itself. Along the mainpath (N 1) that links the Upper Belvedere to the Lower one we recommend to take the scenic route (NN ° 2 3) where you incounter and cross different flows of water between a jump to another.