Lake of Piediluco Hotel and Marmore waterfalls

Hotel Del Lago Piediluco, also called the Grand Tour Hotel, sits between a rocky outcrop and luxurious vegetation in panoramic dominion of the ancient borgo of Piediluco and the enchanting lake of the same name, which was finally reopened to swimmers in February of 2008. Hotel del Lago is 4 kms. far from Marmore waterfalls.

The hotel represents a true oasis of tranquility, with its hospitable and refined atmosphere.
In the 30’s the futuristic painter and architect from Terni, Giuseppe Preziosi, was commissioned to create the designs for the Hotel del Lago Piediluco, on the site of a former summer camp that profited from the clean air of the magnificent venues of southern Umbria. The hotel, subsequently modified with the addition of the two upper floors, today has two elevators and, since 2005, also has air conditioning. It has convenient parking available for guests, a small natural park that surrounds it, a bar, convention center, two restaurants, summer solarium and other small conveniences.