Activities and Events

Water Festival

Anyone wishing to experience back in time to visit during the Water Festival ( http://piediluco.altervista.org ), from its origins are lost in the mists of time but , usually , it is recalled , just happened during the period...more details

Activities near Piediluco Lake

Piediluco is not a resort but a place where the whole of the surrounding natural parks transformed the area into a great playground activities including ‘sporting more’ or less daring: you can fish for eels in the entire tranquility,...more details

Boat trip on the Lake

Once you reach the Lake Piediluco is missed the boat trip by listening to the echo hendecasyllable and, perhaps, the encore absolutely built, a section of the slope of the Velino River, the river that lapped the lake Piediluco,...more details

Sports – Rowing Club Piediluco

Our guests can , on request, make use of the gym nearby of Rowing Club Piediluco , in the same area of the mythical Technical Centre National Italian Rowing Federation named Paolo D’ Aloja . The entire sports center...more details